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Online Teacher Certification Courses

Online/ Self-Paced TExES EC-12 Test Prep Course Listings

Course 1000- Vocabulary Building:  Making the Connection with HOTS (prerequisite)

Course 1100- Use of Terminology (Part 1& 2)

Course 1200- Cognitive and Developmental Theory

Course 1300- Critical Thinking and Test Taking Skills

Course 1500- TExES PPR EC-12- Intensive Test Prep Review

Online Teacher Professional Development Courses

Course 1700- Reading Instruction - 20 CPE Hours

Course 1800 - Code of Ethics- 20 CPE Hours

Course 1900- Child Development- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2100- Classroom Management- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2200- Differentiated Instruction- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2300- Classroom Assessment and Diagnosing Learning Needs- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2500- Motivation- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2600- Learning Theories- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2700- Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2800- Pedagogy/ Instructional Strategies- 20 CPE Hours

Course 2900- Certification Test Preparation- 20 CPE Hours Online Continuing Education in Dallas Online PPR EC-12 Test Prep in Dallas

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